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Empowering women entrepreneurs

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Our tech scales women’s empowerment collectives in Africa.

Digital development is fundamentally disruptive. We are motivated by a human rights-based approach to leverage the power of exponential technologies to create impact, particularly for vulnerable women and girls.


digital development principles

Created by a global coalition of donors and aid organizations (ourselves included), the Digital Development Principles offer a framework for how to leverage technology to amplify positive impact.

The principles are:

  1. Design with the User

  2. Under the Existing Ecosystem

  3. Design for Scale

  4. Build for Sustainability

  5. Be Data Driven

  6. Use Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source and Open Innovation

  7. Reuse and Improve

  8. Address Privacy and Security

  9. Be Collaborative 

We have found them to be a valuable framework for designing with partners who want to leverage technology to amplify their impact.

Platform cooperatives & DAOs

We have over a decade of experience in digital governance and navigating decentralized processes in online communities. Our work with women’s empowerment collectives in Africa, South Asia and Latin America has given us a unique viewpoint on platform governance across distributed communities. We continue to explore the intersection of platform cooperatives, decentralized autonomous organizations and the growing online community of global savings groups we serve.


the self help group digital platform

Digital Financial Inclusion

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